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Find examples to help your ministry from these workshops which use clips from movies . . . or check out the blog.

    ∙    “Movies: The Parables of Today” what we can learn about the Gospel from recent movies . . . and how to train ourselves to find these examples

    ∙    “Understanding Christianity thru the Star Wars Trilogies”

    ∙    “Gospel vs. Media -- Where We Get Our Values” how filmmakers, newscasters, and advertisers manipulate us

    ∙    “What One Person Can Do” a call to exercise one’s conscience by looking at clips from Schindler’s List and Amazing Grace

    ∙    “Forgiveness: God’s Gift to Us”

    ∙    “The Gospel in Les Miserablesincludes love, conversion, redemption, grace, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, and eternal life.

    ∙    “The Gospel in Harry Potter

    ∙    “The Gospel in The Lord of the Rings

    ∙    “The Bible & Self-Esteem”

    ∙    “Christ in Cartoons” Gospel messages from animated movies

    ∙    “Prayer: Our Most Effective Tool”

    ∙    “The King of Kings in The Lion King



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