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Betty Kent
92 years old
About Me

Dr. William Schuh, MD was our physician at Carle Foundation Hospital in 1999 and he was so attentive to my husband and his special needs.  I found his book "Gathering Pearls" in the gift shop and purchased one.  Later, I purchased another one for a gift.  My husband died in 1999 and he was the one that had to give us the fateful news, however, we had been so well taken care of for 5 months.  He was 80 years old and I 73.  I sent Dr. Schuh a card thanking him for such compassionate care and told him I had purchased his book.

Later, I was surprised to have a package in the mail which included another copy of the book and a wonderfully inscribed message.  Our world is so grateful for such dedicated doctors.

I am in a Shakespeare study club (over 100 years old) and we present lessons on books and are particularly interested in local authors.  I was wondering if he had written any more books and also if he would be interested in visiting a program reviewing one of his books. 

I wasn't sure how to contact him now 13 years later and noticed this website was listed in the back of his first book.

Any info you can give me or if you want to pass this on, please do.

Gratefully, Betty Kent, P O Box 154, Farmer City, IL 61842-0154, 309-928-9528

Bob Blaskey
Site Owner
60 years old

Glenn Sasscer
About Me

Glenn Sasscer is an author, columnist, freelance writer, and software trainer/consultant. Born in Maryland, though now living in Northwest Ohio, Glenn has worked in various professions, including engineering, tool design, computer systems administration, and general contracting. He teaches both children and adults at his local church, conducts workshop seminars for an annual software conference, and helps his wife homeschool their three children.


Glenn has articles published in The Suburban Press, The Christian Citizen News, The Active Christian News, The TAPSAC Magazine, and The Evangel Magazine, as well as writing novels, a Scriptural column for a community newspaper, a Sunday School Curriculum, and technical software manuals.


The author lives in Northwest Ohio with his wife and three children.

Roberta Kincey
Limited Member

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